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A dozen dead after haiti school collapse in Hawaii; rescuers search for victims

An American student was among those killed in an haiti school collapse in Hawaii on Saturday, one of two deaths at the school that authorities said was triggered by a chemical leak.

The death toll in Friday's disaster stands at 18, including the American student.

A number of people were injured and authorities are still searching for more victims. No word yet on how many people were killed or injured when the collapsed building caught fire.

President Barack Obama, who toured the collapsed facility on Saturday morning, directed federal investigators to look at the extent of the damage.

"If there are further actions that need to be taken before the building is completely cleared, I want to let you know that we will provide the resources needed to do that," Obama said, using the acronym for the Chemical Safety Board. "We'll provide all the funding necessary to ensure the safety of all those who work here, to ensure the safety of our people there."

He also said the disaster is a call to action for both scientists and the broader public.

'I didn't feel anything'

The explosion on Saturday was similar to the explosion in the West German city of Würzburg on March 19 that killed 22 people, in which the chemical used in the disaster -- a deadly toxic gas of cyanide and arsenic - was used.

JUST WATCHED Students from China are among the dead Replay More Videos... MUST WATCH Students from China are among the dead 02:25

The Hilo community had just finished a yearlong field trip to the island of Oahu when the explosion rocked the district's main gymnasium, injuring students, the police chief said.

Local media has reported that the cause of the explosion was possibly a leak of an explosive-based chemical used to create "cooking gas," which can cause chemical burns to victims, officials have said.

A chemical leak at the Kamehameha Schools

Authorities said they are also investigating the potential use of the explosive-based chemical, which is a class 1A chemical, to launch a nuclear warhead onto a missile, which would be more devastating than the nuclear device used in Iraq in 2006, said a U.S. official.

An Associated Press reporter and cameraman who were covering the blast said the incident could have been a warning to other schools, in particular those with facilities of any size.

Photos: Photos: Explosion at Hawaii primary school Photos: Photos: Explosion at Hawaii primary school Explosion at Hawaii primary school – The scene of the first explosion at Hawaii primary school on Saturday, February 26, in which 20 people were injured and 11 died. In response, Hawaii Gov. David Ige issued a stat
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Organic beef producers find strength in numbers. Their market share increases to over 10 percent in the US, and by 2015, it will have climbed to about 25 percent, according to the US Department of Agriculture. The USDA is still developing rules, but if enough of these products are made, more people will be able to afford to eat animals, which will allow farmers to produce more meat.

In addition, organic foods are more sustainable. While not a large share of production, organic farms produce less greenhouse gas, and they avoid pesticides. (Pesticide residues end up in the environment, as well.) The USDA, on the other hand, only considers organic as beneficial in certain limited ways, in part because it's easier to identify.

So are organic food choices good?

For one thing, organic foods are often safer and easier to handle. A 2010 study showed that organic chicken feed was 50 percent more toxic than conventional feed. In addition, organic vegetables appear to improve quality of life for the elderly. For example, while a quarter of older Americans are currently underweight or obese, only 26 percent of Americans under age 90 are. These health benefits come despite how much organic foods cost. According to The New York Times, when a chicken cost $1, a conventional two-year-old costs only $10, and a large amount of food costs less than 25 cents to produce.

But the main reasons consumers consider organic are because they think it's the safest choice. That's because organic crops are grown closer to their roots, so when they have fungal and plant diseases, they spread to nearby fields. In addition, organic farming doesn't require pesticides.

This also means that many consumers are willing to pay more for organic foods. While organic food often costs only about 3 to 7 cents more per serving, it also makes food taste better.

There's also the potential benefit of providing an organic product that's cheap enough to afford even if you're not one of the 10 percent of Americans that buy organic. That's because organic products aren't generally packaged, so you don't have to pay for the shipping, which could include shipping costs. Organic farmers can afford to keep fewer animals because the birds are kept in smaller cages and kept more out of cold weather.

To help consumers make an informed decision about whether to buy organically grown food, these guidelines are just guidelines: They're also recommendations. You can use different methods to determine which products meet your needs. For example, it's possible that you can eat more fruits and vegetables if they were grown organically. But just because you're aware of those things doesn't mean you have to follow every particular rule. If you decide that organic meat sounds too expensive, for example, the answer is likely that you should tr
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Act queanbeyan hospital talks to parents worried about teen who died in his care

A teen who died of a gunshot wound in the care of the hospital in San Pedro, California on Wednesday has been identified by family and officials from the city as 17-year-old Anthony Beal.

The Los Angeles County Coroner on Wednesday identified the teen as an Angeleno named Anthony, according to his family and the Associated Press.

The news is shocking and devastating to a small community just outside Santa Ana and is hard on anyone who knew Anthony, family members said.

"As a kid, he was always a good kid. He enjoyed his family," a brother, Ryan Beal, told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday. "He was a really loving guy. He would put your head down, play football, basketball and even play with his bike."

In a Facebook post Wednesday afternoon, Beal's aunt, Cindy Ellington, said that "the entire world" has lost another loved one.

"He was such a positive person that I'm sure everyone in the community will miss him," Ellington wrote. "He loved his family and was always a good kid."

Anthony was on a summer break to visit family when he walked into the intensive care unit on Wednesday. He was pronounced dead at 7:31 a.m. local time, the coroner's office in San Pedro said. His death is under investigation.

"This was a huge shock," said San Pedro Mayor Jose Hernandez in a statement. "I extend my condolences to the Beal family, their friends and their loved ones at this very difficult time."

The incident comes amid a nationwide gun violence crisis following two mass shootings in November — the December 14 shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, and the December 4 killing by an anti-government extremist at the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg.

San Pedro is just east of Santa Ana in the San Fernando Valley. On Wednesday night, city officials were meeting with residents to try to stem the city's rise in violence.

"We want everyone to keep that faith, and I think that's what we have learned about our city," Mayor Hernandez said at a news conference. "We learned the wrong thing, we have to learn how to do this better."

On Twitter, a community message read: "Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. #LoveRoses."

Police have since identified the teen as an undocumented immigrant from El Salvador, according to CBS Los Angeles. But the city's police chief, Tony Spurlock, declined comment after news of the shooting was released Wednesday evening.

On his Facebook page, Beal described himself as "the only boy from th
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Government has dropped the ball on asylum seekers, says former minister

The minister is right. The Government is failing asylum seekers. We will make sure that people who arrive on Manus Island and Nauru arrive in Australia.

I know we have a tough target, but we need to get people to a place in which they can claim protection, which means they can remain.

The Government needs to increase our border protection by about 75,000 or so and I am confident we can do that. That is the right thing to do.
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