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Catastrophic loss of wilderness on planet earth will have widespread repercussions: the rapid loss of species is likely to be felt across species species distribution, ecology and climate. However, species have some survival advantages, as they can survive without environmental pressure, such as natural and human activities. The consequences of this are likely to vary over many sites, and are expected to have wide-ranging impacts on ecosystem structures. The impact of extinction is predicted to scale with species diversity and ecological size and is expected to be greatest in countries with a significant number of species. The distribution of species across regions is projected to vary considerably due to natural selection processes, and the implications are uncertain at this stage, with estimates of the impact on species at different locations potentially inconsistent.
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Govt gets please explain over roads funding. I can understand that you are looking for infrastructure funding for now, but I believe you are looking at infrastructure in its full capacity, and this means it should be funded for as many years as possible, but not be a priority of the new government. A new government needs to have a strong economic recovery, and we have been through that, and there is no doubt that in this economy there is very much a need for public infrastructure spending. For the next generation this funding is not going to be enough - we are already asking for the amount we are going to spend in this sector as our next election approaches. It is also my understanding that many of the issues arising from this funding can be addressed through a new budget, and there is certainly scope to do this. But I will say with respect to some of the issues of road building, when you are looking at the funding from the Government, you are looking at a long-term strategy and not a short-term political solution. And we can make the best use of the public finances to ensure a successful future for New Zealand.

Mr Gordon: Thanks, Mr Morrison.

I think I can answer that question in the next few minutes, so thank you very much for that.

I hope I can get to the first question first.

Mr Morrison: Thanks, Dr Palmer. And I would like to move you to...

Question from member for Marlborough:

Will a major construction project in New Zealand be a priority for the new Government?

Mr Morrison: I think the importance of this is that it would put New Zealand at the forefront in the global economy, rather than a long history of building infrastructure for countries in Asia, or Africa, or elsewhere. And that is not something that is going to be very easily addressed in terms of our new Governments having very large budgets. So it will be a very important project, to be put forward to New Zealand's attention in terms of who should be in charge of the building in those specific locations.

Members of the committee:

I thank the Minister for his answers, I think his answers are important. I'm quite familiar with the question and it does not really concern me. And I think one of the reasons this is so important in terms of our current Government is in terms of the level of investment for our roads and other public assets that we will invest in over the next five years and, as I stated during the Budget, I'm not asking for a tax break, I am asking for a sensible investment plan.

I appreciate the Minister is talking about infrastructure in its full capacity, so I know he is referring to the need to fund the new infrastructure, but it will not mean we will build all thes
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