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Albirex Niigata U-18 Fixture [Youth Team]

Prince League Hokushinetsu 2014

1:5 Apr.:Toyama Daiichi H.S. 2nd:D0-0
2:12 Apr.:Souzou Gakuen H.S.:W5-1
3:19 Apr.:Niigata Nishi H.S.:W7-1
4:26 Apr.:Teikyo Nagaoka H.S.:W4-1
5:29 Apr.:Niigata Kogyo H.S.:W4-1
6:3 May:Maruoka H.S.:W5-0
7:10 May:Yugakukan H.S.:W2-0
8:17 May:Hokuetsu H.S.:KO11:00
9:14 Jun.:Seiryo H.S.:KO11:00
10:28 Jun.:Toyama Daiichi H.S. 2nd:KO11:00
11:6 Jul.:Souzou Gakuen H.S.: KO12:00
12:12 Jul.:Niigata Nishi H.S.:KO13:30
13:23 Aug.:Teikyo Nagaoka H.S.:KO13:30
14:6 Sep.:Niigata Kogyou H.S.:KO11:00
15:13 Sep.:Maruoka H.S.:KO11:00
16:20 Sep.:Yugakukan H.S.:KO13:30
17:23 Sep.:Hokuetsu H.S.:KO11:00
18:29 Sep.:Seiryou H.S.:KO11:00

Top two teams of the competition will be qualified to the play-off tournament, where 16 teams who won prince league of each region fight for four tickets to progress into nation-wide U-18 elite league called "Premier league" next season.

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Hayakawa To University [Youth Team]

Niigata Youth's promissing young star Fumiya Hayakawa decided to go to a university instead of playing the top team after graduating a high school next year.

The 17 year old FW contribute to Japan's progress to the last 8 in U-17 World Cup early summer with 3 goals.Also, He is already registared in the top team despite not playing so far and expected to play for the top team next season.

According to Niigata Nippo, He thinks it important to go to a university because he wants to become a coach or teacher in the future. The culb respect his will and agrees to it.  
However the Niigata Nippo also told he wants professional career at Albirex after graduation before becoming a teacher.

In Japan, not many but some players become pro soccer players after the University.
I want him to grow up at the university and come back to the team four years later.

Good Luck!


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Hayakawa and Kawaguchi's U-17 World Cup [Youth Team]

Albirex Youth Fumiya Hayakawa and Naoki Kawaguchi contributed to Japan's progress to last 8 in U-17 World Cup.
Two of them played as core member. Especially Hayakawa was the only player who played full time of every game throughout the competion.

Here are their results of the competition.

Group stage game1:vs Jamaica(W 1-0)
Hayakawa Appearance:90mins
Kawaguchi Appearace:None

Group stage game2:vs France(D 1-1)
Hayakawa Appearance:90mins
Kawaguchi Appearance:90mins

Group stage game3:vs Argentina(W 3-1)
Hayakawa Appearance:90mins
Kawaguchi Appearance:90mins
               Japan's opener came after Kawaguchi's shot was defrected by a keeper.

Round of 16:vs New Zealand(W 6-0)
Hayakawa Appearance:90mins
              Goal:2goals(32min, 80min)
              Hayakawa pushed a ball into the net after deflection ball of Ishige's shot came to him  standing at the centre of the goal area.
              Haykawa scored Japan's sixth by shooting calmly after he broke the NZ's back line getting the though pass from Akino .
              Hayakawa also set up Ishige's second goal by centring a grounder from left.

Kawaguchi Appearance:90mins

Quarter Final:vs Brazil(L 2-3)
Hayakawa Appearance:90mins
              Goal:1 goal(88min)
              Hayakawa headed the rebound after Iwanami's shot struck the crossbar.
Kawaguchi Appearance:90mins

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Kawaguchi named for U-17 camp [Youth Team]

JFA annouced the member for the training camp of U-17 Japan. DF Naoya Kawaguchi is called for it from the youth team.
U-17 Japan participate in U-17 World Cup held in Mexico early summer.
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J Youth Cup Result [Youth Team]

Niigata 3-0 Kobe
G Group Game 2
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1:Nagoya 4pts +3
2:Niigata 3pts +1
3:Tosu 3pts -1
4:Kobe 1pts  -3
*Top two team will progress knowout round.Schedule

Game1:vs Tosu(A) L1-3
Game2:vs Kobe(H) W3-0
Game3:vs Tosu(H) 3rd Nov.
Game4:vs Nagoya(H) 7th Nov.
Game5:vs Nagoya(A) 13th Nov.
Game6:vs Kobe(A) 23 Nov.

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Hasegawa named U15 Japan [Youth Team]

JFA announced a U-15 squad for a training camp in Kyusyu  next week. The youth team striker Hasegawa received the call-up.

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