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Matsubara's international result [National Duty]

DF Ken Matsubara was called for Japan international team. They played two matches which were the first two games under their new coach Javier Aguire reign. Although he used most of squad member, Matsubara couldn't get a chance to play. 

Here are Matsubara's comment on the call.
"Despite I was chargined not to play the games, The call itself stimulated me."
"International team is very different one. quality of even the prctice is different. There were many things that I should steal from oversea players with various experience.
"I could't play because I don't have enough ability."
"Difference is strongness As for diffence, especially one on one situation  you must not lose the situtation. 


Japan 0-2 Uruguay(5 Sep. 2014)
Matsubara:No apperance

Japan 2-2 Venezuela(9 Sep. 2014)
Matsubara:No apperance

 Albirex Players:Ken Matsubara


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Jinsu Named in World Cup member. [National Duty]

 Korean Football Association announced their squad for forthcoming World Cup held in Brazil. Albirex Niigata left back Kim Jins is named in the list.

Here is his comment issued on the team's official web page.

" I'm very pleased of the selection to the South Korean international team to attend World Cup. I credit the call to the supporters' cheering and to results that I have made by playing hard for Niigata for three years. I'd like to do the best as a representative of Korea and Albirex Niigata. I think it good to let the world know the existence of a club like Albirex Niigata and a player like me in Korea.
 I found the call at the web.  I'm glad to play in the World Cup that I've ever dreamed and I imagined I would play. To put it simply, World Cup is Challenge for me. I'd like to show on the stage what I have pursued same as before.

 Through the three years I spent at Albirex Niigata  I have been enable to play steadily both attacking and defending and have disciplined my mind. I believe I have growed all the aspect of me for three years. I think many of Albirex supporters watch World Cup on TV. Their cheering strengthen me and I want to repay them by performing well there."

Korea Rep. World Cup schedule

Group B
17 June Korea vs Russia
22 June Koera vs Algeria
26 June Korea vs Belgium
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International Results Kim Jinsu South Korea [National Duty]

Albirex full back Jinsu Kim played all the three internationl friendlies for his country as a start role.
The 21 year old got a regular positon and is expected to play Brazil World Cup this early summer.

Here is his results of the three games.

25th Jan.
South Korea 1-0 Costa Rica
Kim Jinsu made a full appearance.

29th Jan.
South Korea 0-4 Mexico
Kim Jinsu played a start role but was substituted in 68 minutes.

1st Jan.
South Korea 0-2 USA
Kim Jinsu played a start role but was substituted in 78 minutes.
Game Info.(

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Internationl Results: AFC U-22 Championship [National Duty]

FW Musashi Suzuki, DF Naoki Kawaguchi, new signing Ken Matsubara and Song Ju Hun attend the AFC's U-22 Championship.Japan was defeated at quater final while Song's South Korea finished fourth place.
Here are all their results on the competition.

Group League
Game1(12 Jan): Japan 3-3 Iran
Suzuki played 90 mins.
Kawaguchi played 60 mins and was substituted with Matsubara.

Game2(14 Jan): Japan 0-0 Kuwait
Musashi Suzuki nad Ken Matsubara played 90 mins.
Kawaguchi didn't play.

Game3(16 Jan): Japan 4-0 Australia
Kawaguchi played 90 mins.
Suzuki started to play 75 mins.
Matsubara didn't play.

Quarter Final(20 Jan):Japan 0-1 Iraq
Kawaguchi and Suzuki played 90 mins.
Matsubara didn't play.

Korea Republic
Game1(11 Jan): Korea Rep. 1-1 Jordan
Son didn't play.

Game2(13 Jan):Korea Rep. 3-0 Myanmar
Son didn't play.

Game3(15 Jan) Korea Rep. 2-0 Oman
Son played final 7 minutes as a substitute.

Quarter Final(19 Jan) Korea Rep. 2-1 Syria
Son went in the pitch in 72 minute as a substitute.

Semi Final(23 Jan Korea Rep. 0-1 Iraq
Son played final 2 minutes as a substitute.

3rd/4th Placing(25 Jan) Korea Rep. 0-0(2-3PS) Jordan
Son Played full of the game.

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Musashi's international result [National Duty]

FW Musashi Suzuki played for U 20 Japan in the 6th East Asian Games held in China.
Japan finished the third place in five team league competition.
Musashi played three games with three goals.

U20 Japan and Suzuki Results

1:Japan 1-2 North Korea
Suzuki was not in the squad due to J league game

2:Japan 5-2 North Korea
Suzuki played full 90 minutes and scored twice('18, '83)

3:Japan 0-0 Hong Kong
Suzuki stated on the bench and played 12 mins as a substitute.

4:Japan 2-0 China
Suzuki played full 90 minutes and scored their second('43)
Suzuki's comment after China match.
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Albirex Players are in the Olympic Games [National Duty]

Three albirex players are named in the member of the Japan who challenge London Olympic Games starting this month.
Daisuke Suzuki and Gotoku Sakai(currently loaned to German outfit Vfb Stuttgart) are for male team while Megumi Kamionobe is called as a back up member of women's Nadeshiko Japan.
The male team called them for 8th -11th July(for friendly match against New Zealand in 11th)  and for 15th July to 13th August(for Olympic). Due to this call, Daisuke Suzuki will miss the league matches against FC Toky(28th Jul.), Kashiwa(4th Aug.) and against Yokohama(11th Aug.).
On the other hand, Kamionobe is absent from the team from 9th Jul. to 11th Aug. Any competition will not be held for the period.



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Suzuki named for U-23 Japan [National Duty]

JFA annouced Japan's U-23 squad yesterday who attend Toulon Tournament held in France.
They called Niigata's regular centre back Daisuke Suzuki as expected.

The calling period is from 23 May to 1st June, which means he miss a league match against Kashiwa Raysol in 26 May.

The U-23 will face Turkey(23 May), Netherland(25 May) and Egypt(27 May) in the Group Stage of the tournament.
two of best teams in the grop will progress into the semil final.

Gotoku Sakai, who currently loaned to German outfit Stuttgart is also named.

Full Squad List U-23 Japan for Toulon Tournament(JFA Official Web site)
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Suzuki and Sakai named for Japan U-22 [National Duty]

JFA annouced today Japan U-22 squad who will meet Bahrain(Away 22nd Nov.) and Syria(Home 27th Nov.) in the final qualifing games to London Olympic next summer. Albirex's Suzuki and Sakai named in the squad as expected. They are called from 17th Nov. to 27th Nov. Therefore they will miss crucial league games against Gamaba Osaka(Home 19th) and Ventforet Kofu.
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Gotoku Miss U22 Japan training Camp [National Duty]

Gotoku Sakai refused to particiapte in U-22 Japan's training camp from today to Wednesday.

The 20 year old defender was injured in the yesterday's league match against Kawasaki.
He withdrew the pitch with a cramp in his leg the last minute of the match.
However Albirex haven't revealed his injury details yet.

U-22 Japan have two Lodon Olympic qualifiers against Bahrain and Syria in November.

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Cho Challeng WC Qualifiers [National Duty]

South Korean FA called Cho Young Cheol for members of their World Cup qualifing games against Lebanon(2nd Sep.) and Kwait(6th).

He will leave Niigata from this Sunday(28th) and No league games is held at the such calling period the because Japan also has World Cup qualifiers, therefore his absence doesn't affect the team.

He has three caps of South Korea international but He didn't play the last match against Japan two weeks ago.
He is registered as a defender as usual.. 

Young Cheol's comment isuued on the club's official page
"I'm delighted with being called for South Korean international. I will do my best to contribute to the victory in such important World Cup Qualifiers and also appeal myself to continue getting the international call.  I  would like to maintain myself physically not to be injured and to come back to Niigata with good experience."

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