Trainning Camp starts [Training]

Albirex Niigata entered into the training camp in Tokamachi by the next saturday.World cup member Yano will join in Tuesday while its support member Sakai joins today.Abirex will have practice game with Thespa Kusatsu on the last day of the camp.
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Yano Open 2008 Goal Account [Training]

Yano scored first goal in 2008 in a practice match with Kokushikan University.
The starting members consists of leading players played only first 45 minutes due to tomorrow's game aginst Simizu.Terakawa opens the game with combination with Alessandro and Yano in 17 minute.Yano doubled their lead with his left foot after dribbling the ball from Chiba's intercet.In the second half young-players-daminated members including freshers and their youth team players were lined up, they conceded two goals, which resulted in 2-2 draw.

The team close their second camp in Sizuoka tomorrow with a training match with J1 side Simizu.
They will come back to Niigata to prepare for the new season starting 9th of March.

1st 2-0

2nd 0-2
Kurokawa,Hasebe,Suzuki,Kaimoto,Sakai(Youth),Isomoto(Youth),Tanaka(Chiba),Yano(Kogure),Kawahara and Two trainees
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Yano and Chiba Back In Training [Training]

Yano and Chiba returned to the team's training camp in Sizuoka from each international call. Yano was called for Japan's senior team in the east-Asian championship held in China while chiba joins U23 training camp in U.S.

The 184 cm striker played only in the last game against South Korea which decides the winner of the competition.He had came off the bench in 79 mins when the game was 1-1 while they had to win the game for the championship. However Niigata man couldnot break the deadlock. As to the situation that Yano couldnot play enough, Yano told in the club's web page interview that he have to keep hard working and make resutls at the club level and that his target is to score 10 goals which he couldn't achieve last season.

Both players have to improve conbination with team mates including a lot of new players although they don't have much time to the league opening on March 9th.

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