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2009 Game Schedule [Competition]

J League
1.  Mar. 7th 13:00 F. Tokyo A
2.  Mar. 15th 14:00 Kashima H
3.  Mar. 21st 16:00 Oita A
4.  Apr. 4th 16:00 Yokohama FM H
5.  Apr. 11th 19:00 Kyoto A
6.  Apr. 18th 14:00 Hiroshima H
7.  Apr. 25th 13:00 Omiya A
8.  Apr. 29th 13:00 Chiba H
9.  May 2nd 19:00 Urawa A
10. May 5th 13:00 Iwata H
11. May 9th 18:00 Yamagata A
12. May 17th 14:00 Kobe H
13. May 23th 13:00 Shimizu H
14. Jun. 20th 15:30 G.Osaka A
15. Jun. 28th 16:00 Nagoya H
16. Jul. 4th 19:00 Kashiwa A
17. Jul. 11th 19:00 Kawasaki H
18. Jul. 18th 19:00 Yokohama FM A
19. Jul. 26th 18:00 Yamagata H
20. Aug. 1st 19:00 Omiya H
21. Aug. 16th 19:00 Shimizu A
22. Aug. 19th 19:00 G.Osaka H
23. Aug. 22th 19:00 Kyoto H
24. Aug. 29th 19:00 Nagoya A
25. Sep. 12th Chiba A
26. Sep. 19th Oita H
27. Sep. 26th Hiroshima A
28. Oct. 4th Kashima A
29. Oct. 17th Urawa H
30. Oct. 24th Kobe A
31. Nov. 8th Iwata A
32. Nov. 21st Kashiwa H
33. Nov. 28th Kawasaki A
34. Nov. 5th F.Tokyo H

Nabisco Cup
Group Leauge A
1. Mar. 25th 19:00 Omiya A
2. Mar. 29th 14:00 Iwata H
3. No Match
4. May 30th 15:00 Urawa A
5. Jun. 3th 19:00 Yokohama FM H
6. Jun. 7th 13:00 Hiroshima A
7. Jun. 13th 14:00 Oita H

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Niigata Face Yokohama Challenge [Competition]

Niigata Face Yokohama Challenge.
Albirex face J2 outfit Yokohama FC in the 4th round of the emperor's cup of the next month.
Yokohama who struggle in the league beat regional leage side Kariyushi FC 2-1 but waited the winner by stoppage time in the third round of the competition.
Although Albirex also struggle and haven't secure their position in the league next season yet, they should not make the competition and Yokohama. Niigata expericend upset three times in four years since they promoted J1.

The winner of the match meet Chiba or J2 side Sendai in the next round.

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The Emperor's Cup [Competition]

JFA announced schedule of 4th round and after rounds of this year's national club tournament.Albirex will face the winner of J2 side Yokohama and amateur team at Niigata on 2nd November.
If they passed, they might fight aginst FC Tokyo at Tottori on 15th November.
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2008 Satellite Leauge [Competition]

J league annouced schedule of its satellite league(reserve league).Albirex join Group B with Sendai, Yamagata, Omiya and Tokyo V. Each team plays one home and one away game against each other team in the group.

20th Apr. 14:00 vs Sendai(A:Yurtec Stadium Sendai)
1st Jun. 14:00 vs Yamagata(A:Tsuruoka)
6th Jul. 14:00 vs Tokyo V.(H:Niigata Athletic Stadium)
21th Jul. TBD vs Tokyo V.(A:TBD)
15th Sep. 15:00 vs Yamagata(H:Niigata Athletic Stadium)
5th Oct. 14:00 vs Sendai(H:Niigata Athletic Stadium)
TBD vs Omiya(A)
TBD vs Omiya(H)

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