TRG:Niiata 1-2 Kwansei Gakuin Uni. [Top Team]

Albirex Niigata 1-2 Kwansei Gakuin University
45mins * 2games
TRG @Haruno Park athletics stadium, Kochi
12 February 2014

Goals(only Albirex):Kato(23min)

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TRG: Niigata 3-2 Fagiano Next [Top Team]

Albirex Niigata 3-2 Fagiano Okayama Next
45mins * 2games
TRG @Haruno Park athletics stadium, Kochi
12 February 2014

Goals(Only Albirex):Kawamata(8min), Okamoto(26min), A.Tanaka(52min)

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TRG: Niigata 6-0 Honda [Top Team]

The Niigata had first game of the season in the end of Numazu Camp. All the field players excluded Tanaka, Kozuka and Tsubouchi played the game for 45 minites each while three goal keepers played 30 minutes each.

Albirex Niigata 6-0 Honda FC
TRG @Ashitaka Park Ground, Shizuoka
30 January 2014

Goals:Suzuki(33min), Kawamata(44), Kato(50,87), Gaucho(68, 86)

I didn't direct about positioning but players adjusted it by theirselves. Despite it was difficult to meet Honda FC as a first game but there were oppotunities that created by three or four players well combined. That's is because they've got the soccer style of last season, I think.

"I enjoyed the game in a while. Although I was a bit tired, I could move and scored the goal calmly by a right foot. I wanted to find how I could move, despite, of course to win the game is important. I could go through the back line some times, so I had to head to the goal more."
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Yanagishita, "We will finish higher place" [Top Team]

Here is Manager Yanagishit's interview at press congerence in 16 Janualy.

 "Hello. This seson, we added 8 new faces and will fight with a total of 26 players.

 Last season we could make up soccer style of Albirex Niigata . especially latter half we could show qualities and achieve results. We set aggressive goal this season and will do our best to pursue.But if we do same as last season, it will be difficult. It will be tough to keep getting points without playing more accurately. We train hard for it. Would you please give us supports unchange as ever.

 -What do you expect to new players?

"I watched Ono's play at Shonan. As he had already told, he played very speedily. And also he can defend strictly.I have an impression that he can fight. If he could show his play at ground, he strenthen the team.

 As for Yuki(Kobayashi), I was with him for a year, Good point is not to lose a ball easily. And he can deliver a ball to the place which troubles oppornents. I expect him to do so in the game and training.

 As for Kato. I haven't watched him for real but when I watched some games of Ehime, I felt his left foot kick is of  high accuracy. He is a player who can play with moving, which is that I ordered to players. I expect him to play so in the game and training.

 I have talked about Morita with GK coach Ishino since last year, Acturally we offer him but it was turned down. We have talked he would become a good player with experience although he were stil young and didn't have experience so much. I think he has grown up because he played more than thirty games for Toyama. I believe he defend Niigata goal and settle the team.

 As for Koizumi, A scout told me that he had said to want to play at Niigata. I think it most important so I answered "yes". Actually I hadn't watched him but in the game with Ichifuna H.S. in the qualififer to the all Japan high school championship, I didn't find him in the middle, although I heard he was a volante but he played centre back role to mark oppornents' ace player. I think he is a player who is strong and steal a ball from opoornents. He can fight in the difficult time. I want to see him well in the training how he play.   

 As for Goson (Sakai). he has trained with the top team more than one year. He has an unbashed personlity  despite he is young Also, he can direct at his age is good. He can grow up in the training and game.

 As for Son, I watched some games on the video. I have a good impression that he is very calm and can do both attack and defence.

 As for Matsubara, he moved back and forth fast in the game with Oita last season and he can attack. I think he fits Niigata soccer.

 Because they have somthing better than current players, They make the team stronger and I believe we will finish at the higher place than last season.

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Mitsugu Tamura, "team can ahieve it" [Top Team]

Here is a what albirex Niigata club president Mitsugu Tamura say at a season-start press conference"

Mitsugu Tamura, President
"Thank you for coming today. 2014 season starts soon. Last season, latter half of season, we payed well and showed powerful form. Sevral players leave but I think, we got players who can replace them or are better than them. We as a club think the team aims to get qualification for ACL this season same as last season and also pursue some title.

As for it, team have to pile up points more than last season. It's just a "what-if" but we standed 8 points under from champipons and 5 points from third place, which means we need to win two or three more games. We were defeated against 17 and 18 placed team and also we had some games that we missed by a hair. if we win such games, we could achieve it. I hope you expect the team show aggressive soccer more than last season under Yanagishita."
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TRG Result Niigta 1-1 Kochi Univ. [Top Team]

Albirex Niigta 1-1 Kochi University.
Trainging Game at Haruno Sogo Undo Koen Athletic Stdium, Kochi
8th Feburuary 2012

Goal(Niigata):Musashi Suzuki(87min)

1st Half:
FW.Michel, Lopes
MF.Youngkeun, Homma, Mikado, Tanaka
DF.Jinsu, Kikuchi, Ohi, Murakami

2nd Half:

"We created good chances. Today's performace is at 60-70 points out of 100. We have to train balance of positioning and combination."

To Mushishi, who scored an only goal for the team,"He was good. He made a good appeal"

"Awareness of new things we try to do is too strong. We'd have to correct it"

To his goal, "I'm very happy. I did it spontaneously.This goal gave me confidence."
"The team mates passed to where I were moving to."

"We have a lot things to improve. Positioning with Michel and Bruno Lopes was not good. I need to practice combination play."
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Albirex Niigata Pre-Season Schedule [Top Team]

Update 13 Feb. 2012

23 Jan. Press Conference
24 Jan. to 27 Jan:Training in Niigata

30 Jan. to 20 Feb.:Training in Haruno, Kochi
8 Feb. TRG vs Kochi University Result:1-1
11 Feb. TRG vs Kamatamare Sanuki Result:3-3
16 Feb. TRG vs Tokyo Verdy Result:1-2`
19 Feb. PSM vs Vissel Kobe Result 3-0

22 Feb. to 2 Mar.:Training in J STEP, Shizuok
26 Feb. PSM vs Shimizu S-pulse Result:0-0
28 Feb. TRG vs Ryutsu Keizai Uni. Result:4-1
1 Mar. TRG vs AC Nagano Parceiro Result:1-1

12 Feb. Kick Off Festa, annual season-start supporter's event in Niigata


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TRG vs Shimizu [Top Team]

Albirex Niigata 2-2 Shimizu Spulse
27th Feb.

1st:1-1, 2nd:0-0, 3rd:0-1 4th:1-0

Seiya Fujita(1st, 25min):Volleyed Young Cheol's cross from the left.
Atomu Tanaka(4th, 6min)

Starting Squad:
DF:Fujita, Chiba, Ishikawa, Sakai
MF:Mikado, Kobayashi, Homma, Cho
FW:B.Lopes, Michel

"We could show our style of this season to attacking quickly after taking ball in the front area."
"Accuracy improvement of getting goals and controlling of pressing(are assignments)."
"The game was meaningful for each team."

"We could do counterattacking well. Offence from possession will be our assignment to try."

Young Cheol,
"I could play with confidence. All I hI woul like to ave to do next is just to get goals."
"I could shot after dribbling along the side."
As for the assist of first goal, "I'm in good shape to send a good crossball"

As for the goal, "I had good feeling to touch the ball"
"I aimed for a ball coming from other side."

"My condition is good as I relieve my fatigue which I got in Kochi camp"

As for combination with Mikado, "We are getting to understand each other's feature."

As for involving a conceded goal, "I would like to modify determination in defending like playing strongly or safely for a fifty-fifty ball."

"I have to improve accuracy of play, with more communication."

"I'm fitting to the team gradually game by game. As for today's game, I could run through and beat oppornents with from Chiba's long ball I'd like to improve such a point. However I couldn't shoot after turn well due to fatigue. That's my present assignment to solve. I want to face the season opener with my condition improved by coming back in Niigata."
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Kurosaki Confident Of Opening Victory [Top Team]

The league's annual preseason meeting "J league KICK OFF CONFERENCE" was held last Friday.
Manager Kurosaki and GK Higashiguchi attend it from Albirex.
Kurosaki told his confidence in winning the season opener with Fukuoka.

Here are their comments.

About the season opener with Fukuoka,
"We have enough chance to win over Fukuoka. I lead the team get victory."
"The opener is one of the thirty four league games, you konow. But it is important to get a result.
"Fukuoka have images of hard working."
"Fukuoka is a strong team."
"We'd like to execute our soccer from the start regardless of how they do first"

About the camp,
"The camp has been doing fine. The new players have gradually fit to the team. The team's condition get well to become unified."

Also, Fukuoka's manager Shinoda and MF Nakamachi talked about Niigata as follows.
"Niigta is well organaized and also has high abilities individually."
"I thought we would face tricky team(when the fixture was revealed)."
"All eleven players work hard. And they are well combined. They are good team to have skillful players and experieced players through the squad."
"Niigata have momentum and have achieved results since they promoted from J2. We have to learn from them."
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Training Matches Confirmed [Top Team]

Albirex revealed their remaining three training matach schedule.
They meet J2 side Shonan, JFL's Honda FC and orange rival Shimizu in the Shizuoka camp.

Preseason schedule and Result

First Training Camp in Kochi(24 Jan. - 11 Feb.)
 -Trainin Match 1(vs Kochi University 8-0)
 -Trainin Match 2(vs Tokyo Verdy 1-2)
 -Trainin Match 3(vs Gainare Tottori 1-0)

Second Training Camp in Shizuoka(15 Feb. - 27 Feb.)
 -Trainin Match 4(17 Feb.vs SONY Sendai 2-0)
 -Trainin Match 5(20 Feb. vs Belmare Shonan)
 -Trainin Match 6(24 Feb. vs Honda FC)
 -Trainin Match 7(27 Feb. vs Shimizu Spulse)

J League Opening Match(5 March)
 vs Abispa Fukuoka @ Level-5 Stadium
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