SD:Suzuki Interview [Media]

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Soccer Magazine Yanagishita Interview [Media]

 This week's "Soccer Magazine"(NO.1409) has a article of interview with an albirex' new manager Masaaki Yanagishita.
 In the interview, he explains how he become the manager and what the team have to do in the limited time to survive at J1.He points out that high tempo is Niigata's strength but also overhaste leads to misplays. He wants to give the team time to settle in.
 In the end of the article, he repeats like a press conference of his appointment that Niigata is the team play at J1.



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Soccer Digest:Mizuho Sakaguchi Interview [Media]

This week's "Weekly Soccer Digest" has an article of interview  with World champions Nadeshiko Japan and  Albirex Niigata  Ladies influential Midfielder Mizuho Sakaguchi. In the interview, She reviews the world cup talking about herself and the team's atmosphere through the competition. Also, in the last of the article, She pledge to win the Nadeshiko league at Niigata.



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Media Info.: Soccer Digest Fumiya Hayakawa [Media]

This week's "Weekly Soccer Digest" introduces Albirex Niigata Youth Fumiya and his U17 Japan's team mate Hideki Ishige(Shimizu Youth)in a "Closeup Player" article.
In the article, Hayakawa is written as a all round attacker whom a coach appreciates.

SD1120_hyoshi.jpg SD1120_hayakawa.jpg

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Albirex Assist Press No.121 [Media]

Albirex Niigata published the latest edition of "Albirex Assist Press".
The magazine runs interviews of Yoshiyuki Kobayashi and Fumiya Kogure.
In the article, Kobayshi says that he imazined Albirex's success when he watched FC Barcelona hold the trophy after they won the final European Champions League.
On the other hand, Kogure seems to feel good response by playing for first team recently.
The magaine has also regular game reports and information of Youth, Ladies and Singapore team etc.



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Masuda "I want to get in the game" [Media]

This week's "Niigata Joho", local free magazine in Niiagta contains an interview of rookie DF Shigeto Masuda.The 18 year old is bewildered by difference of quality and speed between pro and high school, but he aims at playing for the first team in the league game within this season.Also the article tells he got drivers licsence recently.
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Marcio seclected League MVP [Media]

Weeky football magazine Socce Digest rated Marcio as the league MVP in their this week edition.
The magazine told the criteria for the choice,
-Contribution for the team
-Performance for each league game
The article has an interview of prize-winning Marcio.

The magazine also put together the feature story on the team in "J CLUB DIGEST" page.
The report includes articles below.
1:Nagata Interview
2:Introduction of Noriyoshi Sakai and Yasuhiro Watanabe who join next season
3:Conversation among Ladies team players, Yuria Obara, Yuri Kawamura and Yuika Sugasawa
4:Football boots of all players
5:Michel Ingterview
6:Colum: Coaches supporting Manager
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Niigata Joho:Iwasaki Interview [Media]

Weekly Free sheet Niigata Joho features interview article of the team's newly signed Yohei Iwasaki.
In the artcle, Iwasaki talked experience of Brazil where the 23 year old DF played before he come to Niigata.
His motto also appears in it. It is "Vencedor" which means "Winning" or "Success" in Portuguese.
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Official Web Site Renewal [Media]

Albirex reveal their new web site.
But It shows little change except its design.
The site doesn't have Englinsh information yet.

Albirex Niigata Official Web Site


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Media Info. WEEK & Niigata Joho [Media]

"WEEK" Sep19.-Oct.2, Biweekly magazine of Niigata city guide, Newsline
Player Check!: Naoto Matsuo
Game Digest:J1 League Game24 vs Kashiwa @ Big Swan

"Niigata Joho" Vol 509, Weekly free local information magazine, KCC
PLAYERS FACE: Ayato Hasebe


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