2024 Albirex Niigata Transfer Information [Squad/Transfer]

As of 5 Jan.2024


Daisuke YOSHIMITSU, GK, Renofa Yamaguchi(J2), Permanent move

Motoki HASEGAWA, MF, Ventforet Kofu(J2), Permanent move

Ryo ENDO, DF, Iwaki FC(J2), Back from loan move
Eiji MIYAMOTO, MF, Iwaki FC(J2), Permanent move

Yuji ONO, MF, Sagan Tosu(J1), Permanent move

Jin OKUMURA, MF, Kansai Fukushi Uni.(University), Permanent move

Yushin OTAKE, MF, Albirex Niigata U18(Youth), Promoted

Riita MORI, DF, Waseda Uni.(University), Permanent move

Aozora ISHIKAWA, MF, Albirex Niigata U18(Youth), Promoted


Jimpei YOSHIDA, MF, Kamatamare Sanuki(J3), Loan Move

Taiki WATANABE, DF, Yokohama F. Marinos(J1), Permanent Move
Kazuyoshi SHIMABUKU, MF, Fujieda MYFC(J2), Loan Move

Shunsuke MITO, MF, Sparta Rotterdam(Netherland), Permanent Move

Kazuki FUJITA, GK, JEF United Chiba(J2), Loan Move

Yushin OTAKE, MF, Y.S.C.C. Yokohama(J3), Loan Move

Takahiro KO, MF, FC Tokyo(J1), Permanent Move

Gustavo NESCAU, FW,-, End of contrat
Daichi TAGAMI, DF, Fagiano Okayama(J2), End of contract

Takuya SEGUCHI, GK, -, End of contract

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