1: Mori's J1 Debut [Numbers]

Albirex new signing Shunsuke Mori made a dubut to J1 game by playing in the Sunday's game against Kashiwa.
The 22 year old MF had already played for the team in last Wednesday's league cup game when he had appealed well his skill to dribble.
However in the game he played final 7 minutes so he couldn't involved himself into the game well.

Player info.
Shunsuke Mori

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1: Albirex Debut & 1st goal [Numbers]

Three new signings Jean Patrick, Shunsuke Mori and Atsushi Kawata made their debut in the Wednesday naight leaue cup game against Yokohama.

Brazilian Patrick vented his frustration that he was an only Brazilian palyer who had not appeared yet until this game by playing full time and opened his goal account at Niigata. In the 18 mins he fired after he ran into the box and trapped the Suzuki's cross from left peferctly. 

Shunsuke Mori went into the pitch in 69 mins as Naruoka's substitute. He showed dribbling skills as he passed the defenders at the right flank for some times.

Atsushi Kawata played final 6 minutes as a FW.

Hope they keep making appeals in a maybe, limited time to get starting place, which boost team's strength.

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1: Hara fired his first professional goal [Numbers]

Albirex promising youngster Teruki Hara became the team's second youngest scorer* in Sunday's league game against Kofu.

The rookie player put the ball home with diving head after DF Tomisawa won the left corner at the far side to head back.This is his 7th league game as he played all the game so far since he joined Niigata from the High school this season.
Here is his comment on the goal.
At the scoring scene, Kanpe-san(Tomisawa) headed the ball back well and I just tried to meet it. I felt it very slow as hangtime of the ball was long. I felt nervous. But Everyone tapped me and sadid "Conglaturations".
I wanted the team's victory more than my first goal so I could get myself back to the game by putting it behind.

*Niigata's youngest scorer
1:Atomu Tanaka 18Y 186D : 8 Apr. 2006 J1 against Kofu
2:Teruki Hara 18Y 260D :16 Apr. 2017 J1 against Kofu

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150:Albirex's 150th win at J1 [Numbers]

Niigata made the 150th victory at the 1st division by beating Kofu in yesterday's league match.
Since they promoted in 2014 they spent 13 season without relegating and had 438 games.
Niigata had already won 149 games until the last season, it took 7 games to get the last win in this season.
Hope they keep winning!
Albirex Niigata Record
50th Win: 26 Apr. 2017 J1 Game 8 vs Consadole Sapporo(1-0)
100th Win: 25 Aug. 2017 J1 Game 23 vs Kashima Antlers(1-0)
150th Win: 16 Apr. 2017 J1 Game 7 vs Ventforet Kofu(2-0)

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1: Four Debutant [Numbers]

 Four of Albirex Niigata winter signings DF Tomisawa, MF Hara, Thiago Galhardo and FW Roni made the first appearance for the team in a J League opening game last weekend. Furthermore Roni, Galhardo and Hara made J League debut. As for Hara, He also opened his professionl appearance acccount.

 In the game Tomisawa led to solid defense as a veteran player. Hara played full time with unrookielike calm performance. Roni threatened oppornets with his speed several times and assisted an Tanaka's equlizer from a counter attack. Galhardo played final 9 minutes as a substitute but showed his glimpse to us by passing thrugh ball to Roni.

Hope them to keep playing well for Niigata.

Player Info.
 -Seitaro Tomisawa
 -Teruki Hara
 -Thiagao Galhardo

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1:Ibusuki 1st Goal [Numbers]

1:Ibusuki 1st Goal
Albirex Niigata summer siginging FW Ibusuki scored his first ever goal for the team in last Saturday's league game against Nagoya Grampus.
He volleyed the crossball from Matsubara with his right foot. The ball looked a little bit difficult because Naogyo defeander Tanaka touched it before the striker shot but he met it very well.

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1:Rafael Silva Debut [Numbers]

 Albirex Niigata Summer signing Rafael Silva made a debut to J league game in last Saturday's 0-2 defeat to Sanfrecce Hiroshima.
The Brazilian FW came from the bench in 64 minute just after they conceded second goal.
However he couldn't improve the circustances. 

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1:Yamamoto and Lee Debut [Numbers]

 New signings during League break Kosuke Yamamoto and Myung Jae Lee made their league debut in Saturday's 1-0 defeat to Urawa Reds. MF Yamamoto played right midefeider role from start and delivered some good balls from right flank. On the other hand DF Lee played left full back from the beginning of second half as a substitution of Ono.

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Albirex Niigata Records [Numbers]

Update:23 Sep 2013
Records untlil last season unless stated.


J2 League Champions:2003
Record J1 Victory
5 Goals: 29th Sep. 2012 vs Nagoya at Big Swan(5-0)

Record J2 Victory
7 goals: 13 Sep. 2003 vs Yokohama FC at Fukushima Azuma Athletic Stadium(7-1)

Consecutive Wins at home(J1)
5 Games:From 31 Jul. 2013 to 14th Sep. 2013

Most fist team Goals
62 Goals:Edmilson(2004-2007)

Most League Goals in season
19 Goals: Edmilson 2007
32 Goals:Marcus 2003 at J2

Most Goals per a game

Successive Goal Games
5 Games:Edmilson(Game19 to Game23 2005, Game28 to Game32 2007)
5 Games:Shingo Suzuki(Game19 to Gmae23 1999) at J2

Youngest Goal Scorer
18 years,186 days:Atomu Tanaka(8 Apr. 2006 against Kofu)
Olderst Goal Scorer
35 years, 299 days:Motohiro Yamaguchi(23 Nov. 2004 against Yokohama FM)

Most Appearances
301:Isao Honma(4th May 2000-, incl.J2)

Most consecutive appearances
99 games:Yosuke Nozawa(Game6 2002 to Game1, 2nd stage 2004 incl.J2 games)

Oldest player
37 years, 14days: Hideaki Ozawa(31 Mar. 2012 against G. Osaka)
37 years, 36days: Katsuo Kanda(26 Jul. 2003 against Fukuoka at J2)

Youngest player
17 years, 355days: Gotoku Sakai(9th Mar 2009 against FC Tokyo)
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5:Team: Successive Wins at Home [Numbers]

 With the last saturday's 1-0 win over Omiya, the team achieved five successive wins at home, which they broke their record of straight wins.

Here are their Five Successive home wins
1:31th Jul. vs C. Osaka 1-0
2:3rd Aug. vs Shimizu Spulse 3-1
3:24th Aug. vs Kawasaki 2-1
4:28th Aug. vs Iwata 4-2
5:14th Sep. vs Omiya 1-0
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