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2022 Albirex Niigata Squad List [Squad/Transfer]


1. Ryosuke KOJIMA/小島亨介 30 Jan. 1997 183cm/82kg

21. Koto ABe/阿部航斗 1 Aug. 1997 186cm/82kg

24. Takuya SEGUCHI/瀬口拓弥 30 Nov. 1988 187cm/82kg



3. Thomas Jok DENG/トーマス デン 20 Mar. 1997 182cm/73kg AUSaustralia_s.gif

5. Michael JAMES Fitzgerald/舞行龍 ジェームズ 17 Sep. 1988 185cm/82kg

15. Taiki WATANABE/渡邊泰基 22 Apr. 1999 180cm/75kg

18. Fumiya HAYAKAWA/早川史哉 12 Jan. 1994 170cm/70kg Vice Captain

26. Ryo ENDO/遠藤凌 6 Jul. 1998 183cm/76kg

31. Yuto HORIGOME/堀米 悠斗 9 Sep. 1994 168cm/67kg Captain

32. Takumi HASEGAWA/長谷川 巧 8 Oct 1988 179cm/71kg

35. Kazuhiko Chiba/千葉 和彦 21 Jun. 1985 183cm/77kg

50. Daichi TAGAMI/田上 大地 16 Jun. 1993 180cm/79kg


6. Hiroki AKIYAMA/秋山 裕紀 9 Dec. 2000 176cm/70kg

8. Takahiro KO/高 宇洋 20 Apr. 1998 173cm/72kg

10.Shion HOMMA/本間 至恩 9 Aug. 2000 164cm/60kg

13. Ryotaro ITO/伊藤 涼太郎 6 Feb. 1998 175cm/69kg

14. Shunsuke MITO/三戸 舜介 28 Sep. 2002 164cm/60kg

17. Ippey SHINOZUKA/イッペイ シノズカ 20 Mar. 1995 178cm/71kg RUSrussian_s.gif

19. Yuji HOSHI/星 雄次 27 Jul. 1992 170cm/64kg

20. Yuzuru SHIMADA/島田 譲 28 Nov. 1990 175cm/64kg

22. Eitaro MATSUDA/松田 詠太郎 20 May 2001 170cm /64kg

25. Soya FUJIWARA/藤原 奏哉 9 Sep. 1995 170cm/70kg

29. Shimabuku KAZUYOSHI/シマブク カズヨシ 29 Jul. 1999 166cm/63kg ペルー

33. Yoshiaki TAKAGI/高木善朗 9 Dec. 1992 168cm/66kg 

47. Jimpei YOSHIDA/吉田 陣平 6 May 2003 170cm/56kg


7. Kaito TANIGUCHI/谷口 海斗 7 Sep. 1985 177cm/72kg

9. Koji SUZUKI 鈴木孝司25 Jul. 1989 179cm/74kg

23. Yota KOMI 小見 洋太 11 Aug. 2002 169cm/67kg

28. Ken Yamura 矢村 健 9 Jun. 1997 169cm/69kg

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Albirex Players : No.50 Daisuke Sakai (2018-) [Squad/Transfer]

Upadate: 2/3/2018 

Daisuke Sakai
坂井 大将 (サカイ ダイスケ)

Jersey No.50
Born:Nagasaki, 18 Jan. 1997

In 2018 Daisuke Sakai joined Niigata on loan from Oita Trinita. Before coming to Niigata, the young MF had played for Belgian 2nd div. side AFC Tubize on loan. He had joined there in summer of 2017, but Changing of Belgian law concerning working visa prohibited him from playing in a regular season. So he terminated the contract  with Tubize and he decided to come to Niigata.

As for his national team career,he had played for Japan in U-17 World Cup in to contributed to their progressing into the last 16.



Professional Career:

Season League team Jersey No. League(Goals) L.C.(G) E.C.(G)
2014 J2 Oita 28 0(0) - 1(1)
2015 J2 Oita 28 4(0) - 2(0)
2015 J3 J-22 - 8(0)    
2016 J3 Oita 28 11(0) - 2(0)
2017 J2 Oita 28 4(0) - 2(1)


AFC Tubize(Belgium) 2017-2018 


First professional Game; 13 Jul. 2015 Oita vs V.Oita(Emperor's cup 2nd RD.)
First J League Game; 31 May 2015 Oita vs Kitakyushu(J League 2nd Div. 16sec.)

First professional Game; 13 Jul. 2015 Oita vs V.Oita(Emperor's cup 2nd RD.)

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Albirex Players : No.2 Kenta Hirose (2018-) [Squad/Transfer]

Upadate: 23/2/2018 

Kenta Hirose
広瀬 健太 (ヒロセ ケンタ)

Jersey No.2
Born:Saitama, 26 Jun. 1992

After graduating University He had joined Shonan. The central defender couldn't have got regular position there but he piled his professional career at J3 side Tochigi where he played on loan.

In playing for University team(Nihon Sport Science University) He had been coached by current Niigata's manager Suzuki. 

Professional Career:

Season League team Jersey No. League(Goals) L.C.(G) E.C.(G)
2015 J1 Shonan 13 1(0) 1(0) 0(0)
2016 J3 Tochigi 4 28(3) - -
2017 J3 Tochigi 4 26(3) - -


First Professional Game/First J League Game; 24 Oct. 2015 Shonan vs Kashima(J League 1st Div. 2nd stage 15 sec.)

 First Professional Goal/First J League Goal; 22 May 2016 Tochigi vs Toyama(J League 3rd Div. 10 sec.)


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Albirex Players : No.33 Yoshiaki Takagi (2018-) [Squad/Transfer]

Upadate: 25/2/2018 

Kenta Hirose
高木善明 (タカギ ヨシアキ)

Jersey No.33
Born:Kanagawa, 9 Dec. 1992

Yoshiaki Takagi  joined from J2 side Tokyo Verdy in 2018.

He had already played for top team of Tokyo V. when he registed to the academy team. 

When he was 19, He was transfered to Dutch outfit Utrecht. He could played there well since his first season but he suffered broken leg following season.

In the result he went back to Japan in 2014 after he spent 2 half years in Netherland as he signed with J1 side Shiizu on permanent deal. And then he was loand back to Verdy on the following season and was contradted on permanent deal later. He played as a No.10 played led the ledteam to play-off round of J2 last season.

Also He is well known that his father was a famous pro baseball player and his elder and younger brother are pro soccer players for J league clubs. 

Professional Career:

Season League team Jersey No. League(Goals) L.C.(G) E.C.(G)
2009 J2 Tokyo V. 33 0 0 -
2010 J2 Tokyo V. 33 33(5) - 1(0)
2011 J1 Tokyo V. 8 10(1) - -
2014 J1 Shimizu 23 9(0) 3(0) 5(3)
2015 J1 Shimizu 23 4(0) 4(1) -
2015 J2 Tokyo V. 33 18(1) - 2(0)
2016 J2 Tokyo V. 10 37(8) - 2(2)
2017 J2 Tokyo V. 10 37(7) - -

FC Utrecht(Netherland) 2011-2014

First Professional Game/First J League Game; 14 Mar. 2010 Tokyo V. vs Kumamoto(J League 2nd Div. 2 sec.)

 First Professional Goal/First J League Goal; 12 Sep. 2010 Tokyo V. vs Yokohama FC(J League 2nd Div. 25sec.)



Albirex Players : No.30 Junto Taguchi (2018-) [Squad/Transfer]

Upadate: 22/2/2018 

Junto Taguchi
田口 潤人 (タグチ ジュント)

Jersey No.30
Born:Aichi, 28 Sep. 1996

Junto Taguchi joined from Yokohama F. Marinos where he couldn't get a chance to play for 1st team but last season he was loand to J3 side Fujieda to play 21 league games.  

Professional Career:

Season League team Jersey No. League(Goals) L.C.(G) E.C.(G)
2015 J1 Yokohama 30 0 0 0
2016 J1 Yokohama 30 0 0 0
2017 J3 Fujieda 26 0 - -





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Albirex Players : No.27 Bruno Meneghel (2018-) [Squad/Transfer]

Upadate: 21/2/2018 

Bruno Meneghel
Bruno Reboli Meneghel (ブルーノ メネゲウ)

Jersey No.27
Born:Brazil, 3 Jun. 1987

Professional Career:
Vasco da Gama-Bahia-Goiás-Náutico-Criciúma-América Mineiro-Qingdao Jonoon-Dalian Yifang-Cerezo Osaka-Changchun Yatai

Season League team Jersey No. League(Goals) L.C.(G) E.C.(G)
2016 J2 C.Osaka 10 20(6) -(-) -(-)



More Player Info. (Outside Link)
SOCCERWAY:Bruno Meneghel



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Albirex Players : No.23 Yasutaka Yanagi (2018- ) [Squad/Transfer]


Yasutaka Yanagi
柳 育崇(ヤナギ ヤスタカ)

Jersey NO.: 23
Position: DF
Height: 187
Weight: 84
Born: Chiba, 22 June 1994
Former Club: Albirex Niigata Singapore

Yasutaka Yanagi started his professional career at Niigata's sigangpore team after graduating Senshu Uni.. The DF spent one season there to contribute to second successive quadruple in all 4 competitions. 


Professional Career
Albirex Niigata Singapore




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Albirex Players : No.26 Sachiro Toshima (2018- ) [Squad/Transfer]


Sachiro Toshima
戸嶋 祥郎 (トシマ サチロウ)

Jersey NO.: 26
Position: MF
Height: 170
Weight: 65
Born: Saitama, 26 September 1995
Former Club: Tsukuba University

Sachiro Toshima played for Tsukuba University before joining Albirex Niigata. At his fourth grade he achieved various honours. His university team won Kanto University football league and he was chosen MVP of the competition.  He cntributed to Japan's winning the Universiade football meeting.



Professional Career
None yet

None yet



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Albirex Players : No.16 Arata Watanabe (2018- ) [Squad/Transfer]


Arata Watanabe
渡邉 新太 (ワタナベ アラタ)

Jersey NO.: 16
Position: FW
Height: 170
Weight: 67
Born: Niigata, 5 August 1995
Former Club: Ryutsu Keizai University

Arata Watanabe signed the professional contract with Niigata after He had already registered to the team as JFA-Jleague special licensed played player last season.

He was born in city of Niigata and played for Albirex youth team. But He couldn't promote to the top team at that time.  He had gone on to Ryutsu Keizai Uni. and belonged to the university team. His university team won the All Japan University Tournament at his 4th grade year.



Professional Career
None yet

None yet


twitter @Teruki07301998 glyph-logo_May2016_200.png

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Albirex Players : No.29 Taiki Watanabe (2018- ) [Squad/Transfer]


Taiki Watanabe
渡邊 泰基 (ワタナベ タイキ)

Jersey NO.: 29
Position: DF
Height: 180
Weight: 74
Born: Niigata, 22 April 1999
Former Club: Maebasi Ikuei High School

Taiki Watanabe joined from Maebashi Ikuei High School in 2018 after he won the All Japan High school tournament in this Winter.

The DF was born in Niigata city and played for Junior and U-15 team of Albirex before going to the high school. 


Professional Career
None yet

None yet


twitter @Teruki07301998

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