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Dairy farmers question levy rise

Maggie McGinty is a freelance writer, health researcher and researcher and editor. A former writer for this paper, Maggie works as a health journalist in Sydney, Australia. She will continue to research emerging evidence related to the health impacts of chronic disease and nutrition and contribute research to the scientific literature. You can follow her on Twitter @maggymcg.

Topics: science-and-technology, nutrition
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Son jailed for torching dads house, wounding wife

Hollywood actor James Woods, 52, was found guilty last year of arson and vandalism over the death of his wife, actress Roseanne Barr.

The actor told a judge in Los Angeles he killed his wife to get to work, and also tried to burn his house down.
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Ted cruz appears to like porn video on twitter: @briandawkins, I find it funny that @stevelees is still working for @Briana_McInnis, this just proves that @stevelees is working for @ChrisHaley, the guy who is going to pay me for the rights to fuck Briana. @stevelees works for Briana McInnis because her mother loves me. — Kyle (@TheTruthSh2t) August 7, 2017

I guess the only person standing in the way of a sex tape being made are his ex-wife and then some. He has been dating and sleeping with Briana for about a year now and seems to be in a much better relationship than before her divorce. So, he can't really be taken seriously if this is true?

More recently, he apparently decided to come forward with all of his dirty laundry when he spoke to about Briana's breakup.

In a video obtained exclusively by, the 38-year-old has the audacity to say, 'That was a long-term thing, a big one,' before telling his ex that they never had sex in the weeks before her split from him.

He goes on to say, 'It's just not right for me to be honest… I think it's the best thing for her too. You guys don't need to have an affair. I don't care who you are.

'She's a nice girl. The situation's great, the things are great. I never felt like I wanted to be with her. It was great… it's good. But… it's not right for me to do that.'

The shocking part is how he still thinks this was the right thing to do.

It just doesn't make any sense. It could've worked out so much better for both sides, but we'll never know. We're just supposed to believe that's how it went.

'It's so very embarrassing, especially for my children,' he said when speaking with 'I didn't know why I'm like, "Oh my god… I could be really terrible to my kids," I thought it was going to be nice to be with them instead of with her.'

'I think her kids are going to be hurt by this if she gets fired because of me.'

He also spoke about leaving her with another boy. 'I know it's not the right thing to do for me, I made my mistake but you have to live with it, I have to,' he continued.

I'm not talking about the fact I know Briana is still in her ex-boyfriend'
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Angry buzzard terrorises cyclists who pass by it, and in many places it is so big and bold that it can seem downright scary.

For that reason it is not just a bird in this country - many people do feel the need to protect themselves against it.
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