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Kevin hogan audio tribute

John H. Hogan's recording of himself speaking before being executed by electric chair was later made into a feature film, performed by the National Society of Blacks in America. It was produced by Howard Gordon Miller and Bruce Dingle.

Hogan was convicted and sentenced to death by hanging on September 3, 1946 but, at a special hearing of the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, he was granted a writ of certiorari to be retried. At this special hearing, the appeals court ruled that the state of Virginia "clearly lacks authority" to execute Hogan but that it might appeal. In the meantime, the Virginia court's decision to not allow him to argue for clemency is still cited by anti-capital punishment supporters as precedent.

Hogan's legal team asked the court in a reply that the law does not require Virginia to make this case about one man, and that the state of Virginia should not ask why a death penalty would be "cruel and unusual," unless the death penalty was used in "extraordinary circumstances." After many years of appeals, a panel of judges agreed that Virginia's new law should be applied to Hogan because its terms did not meet that test.

In November 1996, after he lost in a closely fought U.S. Supreme Court case, Hogan's lawyers petitioned the Virginia Supreme Court to reopen the case, arguing that he would have been entitled to challenge a federal decision (U.S. v. Moore), which had overturned the execution of Clayton Lockett, who had been found guilty of capital murder in a Louisiana Supreme Court hearing of April 23, 1977.

In September 1998, the Virginia court again agreed, striking down the execution of the man who had been found guilty of capital murder that had been carried out on December 18, 1981, in Oklahoma.

Hogan appeals

Although the appeals court's decision to retry Hogan was appealed to the Supreme Court of New Mexico, this decision was upheld by the state of Texas. A U.S. district court issued a temporary stay on execution of the state's law, but then reversed its decision and reinstated the execution on August 17, 1999. The state had appealed the ruling on the ground that it could not have reached its case as the judge did not have the necessary authority to do so. In 2000, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed, and Hogan was freed on parole after serving more than 1,200 days in prison.

John Hogan has campaigned for clemency for all his victims, and says that, after seeing the state of Texas' arguments in his favor, he believes "the death penalty has lost any moral legitimacy."

A spokesperson for Texas Gov. Rick Perry has suggested that Hogan would be happy to "ge
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Tamworth teens make the cut for bangarra mentoring schemes

Graphic: The boys who made the cut to join a mentoring scheme at Bangarra Middle School

Krishnan and his parents were not in the class when the video was produced, but their sons were in attendance when they sat through it.

Their role in the video was to teach the boys how to use cameras to film, share pictures and listen to one another's stories.
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