Mail from Albirex Niiggata Suppoter's Association [Supporter's Association]

The mail arrived from the team's supporter's asscociation.
The followings are contained in a brand-new envelope written the team's slogan,"Run for Niigata" on its face.

I:ASSIST PRESS Apil issue(an official supporter's magazine)
   You can read interview articles of players like Terakawa.

II:flyer for a tour to Singapore including watching a match of the Singapore Team.

III:letter meaning of wanting you to introducing a new member.

IV:application form for free tickets
 You can get free tickets for your friends if they have never watched the game and you would  ask
 them to join the association.

#:new envelope

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Tom Prince

I would like to recieve free tickets for me and my friends, My friends have just moved to Niigata and havent been to a game before.

How can I get free tickets for the new season?

many thanks Tom Prince
by Tom Prince (2008-02-13 14:34) 

Tom Prince

My email is

If you would like to drink beer and talk about Albirex or Premier League please mail me.

I want to go to many J League games this season.

cheers Tom
by Tom Prince (2008-02-13 14:37) 


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